DML Project Portfolio

Projects created as part of the Digital Media and Learning program at the University of San Francisco.
Technology and Diverse Learners​​


A Public Service Announcement created as a final project for the "Technology and Diverse Learners" course at the University of San Francisco.  The video footage seen is from "This American Life, Season 2, Episode 1" and features Mike Phillips.

Digital Story-telling

A digital story produced as a final project for the Digital Storytelling class at the University of San Francisco.

Professional Development Design

Led a hands-on workshop on Keynote for iPad at the DML Conference held at USF in 2012.  As part of the course, we designed our own workshop and content. As a class, we also designed a website publicizing the workshop to local educators.   

Google Drive
Augmented Reality and Education
Learning Management Systems
Personalized Learning
Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)
Issues, Trends and Research in Digital Media and Learning

Created a series of "callouts" throughout the course. These graphic-centered segments spotlight important issues and trends in education.   

DML Practicum

Created a lesson for a group of visiting middle school students using the "Ready, Set Go!" model with classmate Matthew Sletten.  This lesson focuses on the theme of counter-culture through the lens of the Harlem Renaissance.

Click here to view the lesson.

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